Basic Coastal Navigation: Session 1 (Preview page)

It will take you approximately 4-6 hours to work through the Session 1 material, including readings, screencasts, and exercises.  A few of the introductory screencasts are available to view as samples.  (If you have already subscribed, please login, then return to the home page and follow the links to Navigation, then Basic Coastal Navigation, to access the course material.)

Please note that the exercises were last updated in 2017, so this year should be used for variation calculation purposes.

Topics Pre-reading References Screencast (opens in a new window) Exercises Comments
1.1 Introduction  NA Screencast (4 mins) NA  Let’s get started!
1.2 Purposes of coastal navigation / navigator roles and responsibilities  Notes pages 9, 88-89 Screencast (4 mins) Memorize the four navigator tasks
1.3 Navigation publications  Notes pages 10-11 Screencast (5.5 mins) Memorize the list of publications noted in the BCN standard  See our Guide to Online Navigation Publications
1.4 Notices to Mariners and Shipping  References are found on Notes pages 11, 12,14,20, 21,42,48 Screencast (2 mins) NA  Consider signing up for Notices to Mariners for your charts
1.5 Navigation Tools  Notes, page 13 Screencast (1.5 mins) Memorize the list of tools noted in the BCN standard Obtain minimum set of tools needed for the course
1.6 Overview of marine charts  Notes, page 14-15 Screencast (6 mins) NA
1.7 Chart Basic Elements  Notes, page 15-17 Screencast (9.5 mins) NA You will need your 9997IC Training Chart available for this topic
1.8 Chart projections  Notes, pages 17-19 Screencast (4 mins) NA
1.9 Chart Datum, Depths and Heights  Notes, pages 20-21 Screencast (9 mins) NA
1.10 Aids to navigation  Notes, pages 22-29 Screencast (14 mins) Memorize appearance of Canadian aids to navigation
1.11 Overview of digital navigation devices, apps, and charts Screencast (15 mins) NA  Most of this material is not on the exam, but is designed to help you make effective use of digital charts and apps
1.12 Homework Sections A1, A2, and A3 in Exercises: Chart symbols and buoys

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