Welcome to Learn to Cruise Online’s Ashore Knowledge modules!

These online modules are designed to help participants in cruising courses learn the Ashore Knowledge that is part of each cruising standard.  The online modules supplement the text and notes for each course by highlighting what you need to know to complete the course successfully, and pass the Ashore Knowledge exam.

In addition, we have a module to help you obtain your Restricted Operator Certificate (Maritime), which is required to operate a marine VHF radio in Canada.

For more information including detailed outlines of course content and instructions on how to subscribe, click the appropriate link below:

Keelboat Cruising

Sail Canada Basic Cruising Ashore Knowledge

Sail Canada Intermediate Cruising Ashore Knowledge

Sail Canada / ASA 106 Advanced Cruising Ashore Knowledge

Power Cruising

Basic Power Ashore Knowledge (coming in 2019)

Intermediate Power Ashore Knowledge (coming in 2019)

Maritime Radio

NEW! Maritime VHF Restricted Operator Certificate (Canada)

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