The Connected Boat: Introduction

Welcome to The Connected Boat series of screencasts.

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Rob McLean, author of the screencasts is both a traditionalist (sails a gaff-rigged, square-sailed schooner), and is fascinated by modern marine electronics.  He has compiled an annually-updated set of screencasts that provide core information about marine electronics, along with information about recent developments and trends.

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Topics covered in the Connected Boat series include:

  1. Introduction
  2. Major trends in boat electronics
  3. NMEA: the connectivity standard that lets all your instruments talk to each each
  4. Automatic Identification System (AIS): enhancing situation awareness on the water
  5. WiFi onboard: for internet access and data-sharing with mobile devices
  6. Multifunction displays
  7. Accessing Marine Weather
  8. Radar on your tablet? Stay tuned.
  9. Multifunction marine apps on mobile devices and PCs
  10. Increasing your chances in Distress: EPIRBS and personal beacons
  11. Affordable remote boat monitoring
  12. Open Boat initiatives and DIY projects
  13. Future-proofing your boat


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