SC ASA Advanced Afloat Course

Welcome to the SC / ASA Advanced Afloat Course

This page provides access to infomation relating to the Advanced Afloat course scheduled for February 10-16 at BOSS in SVG.

Contents include:

  1. Resources
  2. Texts
  3. Online Screencasts
  4. Itinerary and Routing
  5. Draft Curriculum Plan
  6. Passage Planning assignment
  7. Writing the Ashore Knowledge exam
  8. The boat
  9. Where and when to meet

1. Resources

The following are online resources that will help you prepare for the course.

2. Texts

You should acquire and be familiar with one of three texts.

Annapolis Book of Sailing: on the ASA 106 recommended list, available in paper and ebook formats.  This appears to be the most comprehensive guide

International Marine Book of Sailing: on the ASA 106 recommended list, available in paper and ebook formats

Passage Making published by US Sailing: on the Sail Canada recommended list, available in paper format

3. Online Screencasts

We are making available a complete set of online screencasts.  These are 90% complete, in the process of being recorded and uploaded.  Follow the registration instructions from the URL below, let us know you have done so, and we will activate your subscription:

4. Itinerary and Routing

This routing is designed to support at 48 hour continuous cruise beginning noon Tuesday and finishing noon on Thursday, doing a counterclockwise course leading from windward of Tobago Cays, around the northern tip of St.Vincent, then around Carriacou and Ronde Island return north to Canouan. Depending on wind and weather conditions, length of cruise can be adjusted by distance south before turning back north. Timing is intended to enable night evolutions to be performed in the lee of St.Vincent and/or Carriacou. This itinerary does not require clearing out of or into St.Vincent.

  • Day 1 (Sunday): Blue Lagoon to Bequai
  • Day 2 (Monday): Bequai to Tobago Cays
  • Day 3 (Tuesday): Begin 48 hour cruise at noon. Proceed up windward side of Tobago Cays, round top of St.Vincent east to west ( approx 60 NM @ 4 knots VMG = 15 hours)
  • Day 4 (Wednesday): Night evolutions on lee side of St.Vincent. Proceed down lee side of Grenadines and Carriacou ( approx 100 NM @ 4 knots VMG = 25 hours)
  • Day 5 (Thursday): Round bottom of Ronde Island (between Grenada and Carriacou) west to east, avoiding the KickEmJenny exclusion zone. Proceed up between Carriacou and PM/PSV, take lee side of Union / Mayreau, arrive Canouan noon. ( approx 40 NM @ 4 knots VMG = 10 hours)
  • Day 6 (Friday): Final manoeuvres in Canouan, return to Bequai, write exam
  • Day 7 (Saturday): Return to Blue Lagoon

5. Draft Curriculum Plan

The following is a link to a detailed draft Curriculum plan indicated where during the week we plan to cover off various requirements of the Advanced standard(s).  This will be modified as we create more detailed lesson plans.

6. Passage Planning Assignment

The intention here is to explore approaches to effective passage planning.  There is an individual component and a group component.

Individual Preparation

Referring to the passage planning question from the Advanced Ashore Knowledge Exam  to meet ashore PO 22 (see link below), plan a cruise of five days with non-stop passage of 48 hours, taking into account food, watches, navigation (as per Sail Canada Standards) tides and currents, anchorages and alternative routes and shelters.

You should also include documentation to meet Afloat PO 15b) b) Preparation and execution of a night pilotage plan.  The night pilotage plan could focus on navigating down the lee side of Carriacou, transiting to the east in the vicinity of Ronde and Caille Islands, and heading north up the windward side of Carriacou staying west of Petit Martinique and Petit St. Vincent.

Referring to our Itinerary as discussed in section 5 above, base the 5 day passage plan on Tobago Cays (Noon Tuesday ) to Blue Lagoon (Saturday morning ) For planning purposes assume an average speed of 5 knots.

Please consider a system of watches for the continuous portion assuming a crew of 4. We suggest two on watch at night for safety (helm & navigator).  Some documents on watch systems are linked in the References below.

In your case, Julian, your individual plan will be marked as it will address Question 33 on the Advanced Ashore Knowledge exam.

Group component

Building on everyone’s individual efforts we’ll build a group passage plan as a collective effort.


The Art and Science of Standing Watch by John Rousmaniere

Watch rotation options (courtesy of Diane Reid)

Passage planning template

Passage planning exam assignment to meet PO 22

7. Writing the Ashore Knowledge exam

The Ashore Knowledge exam may be written before, during, or after the course.  (Steve has already completed the exam)

8. The boat

We will be on Mango II, a 43 ft Beneteau with 4 staterooms.  Further details are available at the following URL:

9. Where and when to meet

We will meet at 10 AM Sunday Feb 10 in Driftwood at the BYC / BOSS base for initial orientation.  Many of us will be on the base the night before, so if you are expecting to be there let us know and we could get together for a drink or dinner the night before.

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