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Beginning in fall 2021, Barefoot Offshore Sailing School is offering Sail Canada offshore certification courses led by Rob McLean of LTCO. Sail Canada’s Offshore Cruising Standard is designed to equip participants with all the skills they need to plan and implement extended offshore passages.  Anyone completing these courses will gain the knowledge, experience and confidence necessary for future adventures skippering offshore voyages.

Three types of itineraries will be available:

A. Intra-Caribbean:  this is a week long continuous passage that begins and ends in St. Vincent, and will cover 500 miles looping around Barbados and various other Windward islands.  The first availability for this type of course will be in early 2022.

B. Atlantic crossing: these opportunities will coincide with new boat deliveries from Europe to the Caribbean and will typically last between 14 and 21 days. The first availability of this type of opportunity is November, 2021.  Others are anticipated in 2022.

C. North America to the Caribbean:  these opportunities will also be organized in connection with boat deliveries to or from the Caribbean, and will typically last approximately 14 days.  We anticipate that the first availability of this type of opportunity will be in early to mid-2022.

At this time, we are taking Expressions of Interest from sailors who are interested in additional information about any of these three types of offshore training itineraries.  Please contact Rob McLean with information about your sailing background, the type of offshore experience you are interested in, and your potential availability dates.  Rob will keep you informed of relevant details as specific timing and logistics for these opportunies is clarified later in 2021 and in early 2022.  Given the nature of these experiences, sailing 24/7 for one to three weeks, we need a critical mass of qualified participants to proceed. Bring your partners and friends!

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