La Volpe Restoration and Upgrades

To the best of my recollection, the following describes work done to La Volpe over the years.

1998-2001 (Previous owner)

• Rebuilt masts with new tangs, new through-bolts with compression sleeves, new wiring in grey plastic conduit

• New oversize 1 x 19 stainless rigging with new stainless turnbuckles

• New Stayset X halyards and topping lifts throughout

• New pin rails and belaying pins installed on main shrouds

• Renewed and recaulked teak deck

• AC wiring

• Rebuilt boomkin


• Replaced all keel bolts with 1″ bronze

• Replaced all floor – keelson, deadwood, and stem bolts at bow and stern with 1/2″ or 5/8″ bronze

• Replaced all throughhulls and seacocks with new bronze units

• Built new rudder with bronze pintles and gudgeons

• New AC Blue Seas control panels and breakers, ground fault interrupters on all circuits

• New 10 or 12 gauge DC wiring

• New Heart 1500 watt inverter/battery charger with Heart Link 2000 interface / shunt

• Replaced above water portion of stainless steel stem fitting, including anchor point for bobstay, and replaced all bolts and fastenings.  Rebedded bowsprit bolts in tar.

• New oversize (1/2”) stainless steel chain bobstay

• New stainless boomkin chain tang, 2001.  Replaced stainless bolts in boomkin chain attachments on hull.

• Drew and replaced one mainmast chainplate bolt on port side.  Superficial rust only.

• Installed rebuilt bronze electric anchor windlass with foot switch

• Rebuilt housing for propeller shaft, including replacement of floor 

• Installed rebuilt 65 HP Hanomag engine, with new cooling and exhaust systems

• Installed rebuilt Borg-Warner 2:1 transmission with new adapter plate and coupling flanges

• Drained and pressure tested fuel tanks, installed new fuel filters and lines

• New hoses, cables and wiring on engine

• Rebuilt galley with new refrigeration, traditional stainless steel propane stove,  new 12 gallon stainless steel hot water tank, pressure water system

• Installed solenoid for propane tank

• New cockpit, hinged and removeable for engine access

• New battery box

• New bulkhead between engine room and living spaces

• New instrumentation for engine and navigation

• New paint on topsides, bootstripe, and bottom


• Cape Horn self-steering windvane 

• Air Marine Wind Generator and solar panels

• Rebuilt forward cabin

• Rebuilt head with new Lavac toilet, new holding tank with diverter valves, new stainless steel sink with electric sump

• Installed new Uniden VHF radio, SGC Ham radio, antenna tuner, Stalok backstay insulators

• Repaired cabin sole

• Replaced cap rails on bulwarks

• Installed boom gallows

• Installed dorades on cabin ventilators

• Replaced most running rigging with Roblon

• Installed bimini over cockpit

• Installed dodger over companionway

• Manufactured plywood safety covers for skylight panes

• Installed NMEA repeater linked to engine instruments

• Installed GPS interface to computer

• Installed remote monitor unit [insert details]


• Relocated to Salt Spring Island

• Various repairs / replacements arising from trip from Half Moon Bay to SSI

• Installed bridge and router for wireless internet service

• Installed cellphone bridge for remote monitoring

• Replaced whisker stay mounting bolts on starboard side


• Repowered with Yanmar diesel

• Drew and inspected 1/2” bronze floor / frame bolt under engine.  Cut in half … no evidence of deterioration of bolt.  Replaced with new bolt.

• Acquired mooring in Salt Spring harbour

• Rebuilt bow pulpit

• Replaced all instrument wiring

• Purchased used fiberglass dinghy

• Solar panel for battery charging on mooring


• Refinished cap rails

• Stripped and refinished exterior of cabin beams

• Replaced burners in Shipmate stove

• Serviced compass

• Stripped and refinished exterior of skylight

• Remounted Cap Horn steering vane

• Repainted exterior topsides

• Replaced teak inserts in stern cleats

• Additional mount points for jib blocks

• Portable grating between lazarette and engine space

• New seat cushions in salon


• Interior refinishing on beams, skylight

• Repainted interior doors

• Refinished forehatch and replaced broken plexilglass

• Hauled at Maple Bay

• Replaced keelson bolt with 1/2″ bronze

• Rebedded stainless stem guard

• Replaced cutless bearing

• Inspected rudder fittings

• Bottom paint and boottop

• Replaced alternator regulator

• New USB GPS unit interfaced to computer

• Replaced various bulbs with LEDs

• New Uniden VHF radio

• New AirMarine breeze wind generator

• Reinforced boom gallows mounting

• New mattress cushions in starboard and forecabins


• More bulb replacements with LEDs

• New 7/8″ solid bronze stanchions

• Replacement for missing bronze stanchion base at port stern

• Renewed lifelines with new 3/8″ spunflex

• Replaced all halyards on mainmast with new 1/2” spunflex


• Replaced house and start batteries

• Replaced Heart Inverter/Charger

• Refastened and refinished cap rails

• Repairs to bow pulpit and starboard caprail

• Updates to exterior finishes

• Serviced prop zinc


• Hauled at Maple Bay

• Repairs to bow pulpit and starboard caprail

• Inspected chain plate bolts and repaired as necessary

• New bottom paint

2017-2019 Update

• Rebuilt boomkin using 6”X6” fir, finished with Cetol teak

• Refinished cap rails and exterior beams with Cetol teak

• New topsides paint

• Updated all interior finishes with white paint and varnish

• Refinished hatches

 Inspected masts, rigging and spreaders and touched up paint where necessary

•  Replaced ~80 linear feet of deck caulking

•  Replaced fresh water pump

•  Replaced shower sump

•  Replaced alternator

•  Replaced propane regulator

•  Touched up engine paint

•  Laundered all cushion covers


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