Happy New Year: Best Sailing Songs for 2022

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Hi Shipmates: here is a some sailing music to celebrate 2022.
This year was a unique one for us:  Monica and I spent Christmas and New Year in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.  While many of our friends enjoyed a snowy celebration, we’ll had a warm one in the Tobago Cays, with nothing between us and Africa but three reefs.  While most folks back in Canada ate turkey, we delighted in Caribbean lobster at the famous Tobago Cays beach BBQ.  As you may know, in July 2019 we started a nautical adventure, sailing our schooner Interlude 7,000 miles to SVG.  After Interlude was marooned for 15 months in the Bahamas due to Covid, we finally reunited with the boat in May 2021, and with the help of two sailing friends, we finally arrived in mid-June 2021, after a challenging 26 day passage from Great Exuma.  Another highlight this year was that I qualified with both ASA and Sail Canada as an offshore instructor, and taught my first offshore course with BOSS a few weeks ago.

You can find the links to the 2022 Sailing Songs music compilation here.

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We hope you enjoyed happy celebrations with family and friends, virtually or in person, and may we all have a healthy and productive year in 2022.


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