Welcome to Advanced Cruising Ashore Knowledge Session 3: Safety

These sessions deal with Ashore Knowledge requirements of the Sail Canada and ASA Advanced Cruising Standards.

The latest version of the Sail Canada standard can be downloaded from the Sail Canada website at the following link: https://www.sailing.ca/files/Intermediate_Cruise_January_1_2017_effective.pdf

The ASA 106 standard can be downloaded from the ASA website at the following link:

You should acquire one of the following books.  Pre-reading references have been provided for each.

1. “ABS” refers to sections in the Annapolis Book of Sailing.  The book is available in printed form and as a ebook on the IOS platform








2. “IMBS”: refers to sections in the International Marine Book of Sailing, also available in printed form and as an ebook on IOS.








3. “USPM”: refers to sections in Passage Making, published by US Sailing. This is available in printed form.









Topics Pre-reading References Screencast (opens in a new window) Exercises Comments
3.1 Session Introduction  NA Screencast (1.5 mins) NA  Let’s get started!
3.2 Colregs: Rules 1-36, 40, and 45 (focus on lights) ABS: Chapter 8, Rules of the Road

IMBS: No relevant content

USPM: No relevant content

Screencast (11.5 mins) NA Canada Collision Regulation

US Navigation Rules Handbook (pdf download)

3.3 Distress Signals ABS: Chapter 16, section on Distress Signalling

IMBS: Incomplete discussion in Appendix 4, Safety gear on board

USPM: No relevant content

Screencast (2.5 mins) NA
3.4 Lightning Protection ABS: Chapter 17, brief discussion of Lightning

IMBS: No relevant content

USPM: No relevant content

Screencast (3.5 mins) NA
3.5 Sailing at Night ABS: No specific discussion

IMBS: No specific discussion

USPM: Chapter 4, section on Watchkeeping

Screencast (7 mins) NA
3.6 Personal safety equipment ABS: Chapter 7, Safety


USPM: Chapter 10, section on Personal Safety Gear. Somewhat out of date

Screencast (5 mins) NA Good progress, more than halfway!


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