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Welcome to Learn to Cruise Online’s Ashore Knowledge Module for Sail Canada / ASA 106 Advanced Cruising

The material covered in this module is designed to help you get the most out of your Sail Canada (SC) or ASA 106 Advanced Cruising course.  It also covers all of the knowledge requirements of SC’s and ASA’s Advanced Cruising exam.  Working through the online sessions in this module, combined with your course text and student notes will prepare you to write and pass the Ashore Knowledge exam that is part of the SC or ASA 106 Advanced Cruising Standard.

The SC / ASA 106 Advanced Cruising Ashore Knowledge Module is organized as follows.

Session 1: Sail Theory and Vessel Stability

  • Topic 1.1: Course and session introduction
  • Topic 1.2: Theory of Sailing: forces
  • Topic 1.3: True and apparent wind
  • Topic 1.4: Weather and lee helm
  • Topic 1.5: Sail trim
  • Topic 1.6: Vessel stability

Session 2: Weather

  • Topic 2.1: Session introduction
  • Topic 2.2: Air masses, pressure and fronts
  • Topic 2.3: Clouds
  • Topic 2.4: Thermal winds
  • Topic 2.4: Weather forecasts
  • Topic 2.5: Using weather instruments
  • Topic 2.6: Reading a synoptic chart

Session 3: Safety

  • Topic 3.1: Session introduction
  • Topic 3.2: Colregs: rules 1-36, 40, and 45 (focus on lights)
  • Topic 3.3: Distress signals
  • Topic 3.4: Lightning Protection
  • Topic 3.5: Personal safety equipment
  • Topic 3.6: Sailing at night

Session 4: Use, Maintenance and Repair of Boat and Equipment

  • Topic 4.1: Session introduction
  • Topic 4.2: Winterizing and spring launch or refitting
  • Topic 4.3: Checking rigging and sails
  • Topic 4.4: Engine maintenance
  • Topic 4.5: Electronic navigation aids:  benefits and cautions

Session 5: Seamanship

  • Topic 5.1: Using two anchors
  • Topic 5.2: More anthoring techniques
  • Topic 5.3: Emergencies: dismasting and running around
  • Topic 5.4: Other emergencies
  • Topic 5.5: Towing
  • Topic 5.6: Sail combinations for all weather conditions
  • Topic 5.7: Heavy weather preparations
  • Topic 5.8: Heaving to and lying ahull
  • Topic 5.9: Docking under sail
  • Topic 5.10: Planning a 5-day cruise

Session 6: ASA 106 Addendum

  • Topic 6.1: Session introduction
  • Topic 6.2: Fuel and water capacity
  • Topic 6.3: Courtesies and customs
  • Topic 6.4: Crossing borders
  • Topic 6.5: Swimming at anchor
  • Topic 6.6: Overhead power lines
  • Topic 6.7: Radar reflectors
  • Topic 6.8: Rafting
  • Topic 6.9: Dinghy techniques

Session 7: LTCO Advanced Cruising Practice Exam
Session 8: Sail Canada / ASA 106 Advanced Ashore Knowledge Exam

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Advanced Cruising Ashore Knowledge Exam

Please note that the SC or ASA exam fee is not included in the subscription.  In most cases, the exam will be included in your SC or ASA Advanced Afloat course.

If you wish to write the exam ahead of your afloat course, please contact us for logistics and pricing.  Currently, Sail Canada and ASA policy does not enable us to conduct the official exam online.


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