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Welcome to Learn to Cruise Online’s Ashore Knowledge Module for Maritime Radio (VHF).

The material covered in this module is designed to help you qualify for your Restricted Operator Certificate (Maritime). Everyone operating a VHF marine radio is required to have their ROC(M) card. Our Maritime Radio module offers a convenient and inexpensive way to get this qualification.

The course is based on the Maritime Radio Course book. 

The Maritime Radio Ashore Knowledge Module is organized in 5 sessions as follows.

Session 1: Maritime Radio System Overview

  • 1.1 Course Introduction
  • 1.2 About Radio
  • 1.3 Maritime Radio Service
  • 1.4 Maritime Radio Systems

Session 2: Basic Maritime Radio Operations

  • 2.1 Operating procedures
  • 2.2 Distress communications
  • 2.3 Urgency and Safety communications

Session 3: Advanced Maritime Radio Applications

  • 3.1 GMDSS and Cospas-Sarsat
  • 3.2 Digital Selective Calling overview
  • 3.3 Using DSC
  • 3.4 Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPRIBs), and other safety and rescue devices

Session 4: Practice Exam

LearnToCruiseOnline.ca offers an optional online practice exam that will help you prepare to take the official exam.  Now Available!

Session 5: Final Exam

The module concludes with a written and oral exam, which Innovation Science and Technology usually requires be done in person.  (Note that there is a workaround approved by Spectrum Canada for the in-person exam while the COVID 19 crisis continues-see note below ) When you are ready, contact us to make arrangements to take the exam and obtain your ROC(M).

We are required by the agreement with CPS to supply manuals with the courses and the supply of manuals has been re-instated we are therefore now including the manual at cost ($50) in the courses so the fee was increased accordingly.

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  • Access to the online ashore knowledge sessions, which include over 140 minutes of screencasts that provide informed commentary on marine radio topics
  • Email access to LearnToCruiseOnline instructors to deal with any questions you may have
  • Access to our Maritime Radio practice exam
  • Supervision and marking of your official ROC(M) exam see below.
  • The administrative costs involved in submitting your exam results and personal information in order that you may obtain your ROC(M) certificate
  • Ongoing access to the Maritime Radio content if you wish to review or keep updated in future.
  • The CPS ROC(M) manual and access to practice questions on the CPS site.

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  • Note: During the COVID-19 pandemic we have  approval  by Innovation Science and Technology to administer the entire test orally using videoconferencing or a video call such as Skype or FaceTime -you can connect from your home with no in-person contact.  The temporary certificate will be emailed to you on  the successful completion of the exam. Please contact us if you need  information about logistics. 

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