The Sail Canada Intermediate Cruising Ashore Knowledge exam is designed to test your knowledge of the Ashore Knowledge components described in the Sail Canada Intermediate Cruising Standard.

  • The allowed time for completion is 2 hours
  • The exam is “closed book”
  • The passing grade is 70%
  • The exam questions are mainly short-answer questions
  • If you do not achieve the passing grade, arrangements can be made for you to rewrite the exam(s) after an interval of 14 days.

Currently, Sail Canada policy does not enable us to conduct the official exam online. It must be supervised by a Sail Canada instructor in person or by a suitable proctor.

• If you complete the LTCO Intermediate Cruising Ashore Knowledge Module and wish to write the official Sail Canada Intermediate Cruising Ashore Knowledge exam during a subsequent Wavelength or BOSS afloat course, the exam is free and no fee will be applicable.

• If you wish to write the Sail Canada Intermediate Cruising Ashore Knowledge exam outside of an afloat course, there will be an exam fee of $50 to cover the cost of arranging for an in-person or proctored exam, marking the exam, and related administrative costs.

Click on the image below to pay the Basic exam fee using Paypal in association with LTCO’s partner, Wavelength Sailing School. You can pay using your credit card or a paypal account if you have one. After doing so, contact us to arrange the timing and logistics for your exam.

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