Med and trans-Atlantic Cruising, Fall 2022

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Oct-Dec 2022: Join us for a sailing adventure of a lifetime, on a passage from Croatia in the Mediterranean to St. Vincent in the southern Caribbean.  Three legs are available, offering both Advanced and Offshore certifications:  

  1. Split Croatia to Mallorca, Spain via Sicily (Oct 20-31, 2022)
  2. Mallorca to Madeira via Gibraltar (Nov 2-12, 2022)
  3. Madeira to Blue Lagoon, St. Vincent (Nov 15-Dec 6-10, 2022)

LTCO’s Rob McLean will lead this adventure:  here is his current sailing resume:

For full details, click here: Mediterranean and trans-Atlantic opportunties for late October / November / early December.

Sail where it’s warm this winter! Sail Canada courses in the Caribbean in 2022-2023 season

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Our affiliate Barefoot Offshore Sailing School (BOSS) in St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the southern Caribbean is scheduling Sail Canada courses at all levels from Basic Cruising  to Offshore Cruising between November 2022 and April 2023, in addition to year-round ASA courses.  For details on BOSS Sail Canada courses, please see details at:

To enquire, refer to:

This is the one of the absolute best places I know of to teach and learn sailing.  Courses begin and end in Blue Lagoon on the south-west corner of St. Vincent, and travel approximately 120 miles over the course of the week, visiting most of the larger islands in the Grenadines, an archipelago that extends about 50 miles to the south of St. Vincent.  There are scores of beautiful anchorages, secluded beaches, reefs for snorkelling, and opportunities for dining ashore. Typical weather features 12-20 knot tradewinds and 1- 1.5 metre waves in the open passages between islands, with lighter winds and waves in the lee of the larger islands.  This provides students with opportunities to practice in sheltered waters but also experience managing the boat in oceanic conditions.

LTCO’s Rob McLean is Lead Instructor and Coordinator for BOSS.  Phil Morris will also be teaching at BOSS this winter.

1000 Students and Counting

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LTCO reached an important milestone in May when we had our 1000th student registration!  What started as an online learning experiment in 2017 has evolved to become the most comprehensive source of online marine education in Canada. Thanks to all of our participants for making this possible!  We have much more planned for the coming months!

With gratitude: Phil Morris and Rob McLean

(Photo is Interlude after her arrival in Blue Lagoon, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, a year ago in June 2021)

Happy New Year: Best Sailing Songs for 2022

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Hi Shipmates: here is a some sailing music to celebrate 2022.
This year was a unique one for us:  Monica and I spent Christmas and New Year in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.  While many of our friends enjoyed a snowy celebration, we’ll had a warm one in the Tobago Cays, with nothing between us and Africa but three reefs.  While most folks back in Canada ate turkey, we delighted in Caribbean lobster at the famous Tobago Cays beach BBQ.  As you may know, in July 2019 we started a nautical adventure, sailing our schooner Interlude 7,000 miles to SVG.  After Interlude was marooned for 15 months in the Bahamas due to Covid, we finally reunited with the boat in May 2021, and with the help of two sailing friends, we finally arrived in mid-June 2021, after a challenging 26 day passage from Great Exuma.  Another highlight this year was that I qualified with both ASA and Sail Canada as an offshore instructor, and taught my first offshore course with BOSS a few weeks ago.

You can find the links to the 2022 Sailing Songs music compilation here.

Look for the featured box at the top of the page.

We hope you enjoyed happy celebrations with family and friends, virtually or in person, and may we all have a healthy and productive year in 2022.


Offshore Experience of a Lifetime!

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Ever wanted to cross an ocean?  Here’s your opportunity!

Barefoot Offshore Sailing School (BOSS) is seeking participants in a passage aboard Aonyx from La Rochelle, France, to St. Vincent and the Grenadines, with stops in Gibraltar and the Canary Islands.

Aonyx is a new O-yacht Class 4 fast catamaran, routinely capable of 15-20 knots.  Participants can choose one, two, or all three legs.  Leg 1 begins on November 1, 2021, and Leg 3 will conclude around Dec 10 in SVG.

LTCO’s Rob Mclean will be skipper and instructor for all three legs.

For details, see:




Offshore Cruising with Rob McLean and Barefoot Offshore Sailing School

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Beginning in fall 2021, Barefoot Offshore Sailing School is offering Sail Canada offshore certification courses led by Rob McLean of LTCO. Sail Canada’s Offshore Cruising Standard is designed to equip participants with all the skills they need to plan and implement extended offshore passages.  Anyone completing these courses will gain the knowledge, experience and confidence necessary for future adventures skippering offshore voyages.

Three types of itineraries will be available:

A. Intra-Caribbean:  this is a week long continuous passage that begins and ends in St. Vincent, and will cover 500 miles looping around Barbados and various other Windward islands.  The first availability for this type of course will be in early 2022.

B. Atlantic crossing: these opportunities will coincide with new boat deliveries from Europe to the Caribbean and will typically last between 14 and 21 days. The first availability of this type of opportunity is November, 2021.  Others are anticipated in 2022.

C. North America to the Caribbean:  these opportunities will also be organized in connection with boat deliveries to or from the Caribbean, and will typically last approximately 14 days.  We anticipate that the first availability of this type of opportunity will be in early to mid-2022.

At this time, we are taking Expressions of Interest from sailors who are interested in additional information about any of these three types of offshore training itineraries.  Please contact Rob McLean with information about your sailing background, the type of offshore experience you are interested in, and your potential availability dates.  Rob will keep you informed of relevant details as specific timing and logistics for these opportunies is clarified later in 2021 and in early 2022.  Given the nature of these experiences, sailing 24/7 for one to three weeks, we need a critical mass of qualified participants to proceed. Bring your partners and friends!

Post-Covid Sail Canada courses in the Caribbean

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Barefoot Offshore Sailing School in St. Vincent and the Grenadines is resuming Sail Canada courses in November, 2021, including the weeks of November 7, 14 and 21.  Additional offerings will be available in early 2022.  For details, refer to and/or contact Phil at

Intermediate Instructor Clinic

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Humber Bay Sailing Club (HBSC) is sponsoring an Intermediate Instructor Clinic, to take place in Georgian Bay September 10-12, 2021.  If you are a Basic Instructor interested in moving up to Intermediate, this is a good opportunity for you.  The clinic will be led by Rob McLean of LTCO and Bryant Adlam of HBSC.  For details, see the Ontario Sailing website, or email Rob at

Grand Banks Trawler Sold

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Update: Conditional offer closed as of April 25, so Carpe is no longer available.

We are selling our beloved Grand Banks Trawler.  Details at:

Basic Coastal Navigation Online Exam: Register Now

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For students who have subscribed to the Basic Coastal Navigation course. Do the Basic Coastal Exam in the comfort and safety of your home. We are offering on-line virtually proctored Coastal Navigation Exams during the COVID19 pandemic. You will need an internet connection capable of video in a Zoom meeting. The next exam is offered 1800-2100 EDT on May 27th.
You will need to register by May 17th in order to be sent the exam materials by mail. Please contact for more details or to register.”

Online Exam Booking

To book an available online exam time slot, click here

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